Sunday 26 September 2010


New Labour leader Ed Miliband has a 100% pro gay rights voting record 26 Sep 10

Yikes! Gay people are an endangered species 26 Sep 10

Gay statistics: Not everyone wants to talk about their sex life on the doorstep 26 Sep 10

Open that Door: Gay Comedy in the Last 30 Years - BBC Radio 4 Archive Hour
BBC iPlayer 26 Sep 10


Can America regain 'momentum' in fight against AIDS? 26 Sep 10

Will 'Bishop' Eddie Long's gay scandal alter black churches' homophobia? 26 Sep 10

Anti-gay US cleric sought 'massages' from young men 26 Sep 10

They're gay, conservative and proud. Even among the gays, the right is on the rise 26 Sep 10

A Gay Family Album - some photos of LGBT families 26 Sep 10

Thousands to march over Brooklyn Bridge to support gay marriage on Sunday 26 Sep 10


Indianapolis bakery has refused an order for gay cupcakes 26 Sep 10

Group for gay teens sues Ind. over specialty number plate 26 Sep 10